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The following downloads are mentioned in the book "Scientific Imaging with Photoshop: Methods, Measurement and Output." These include free actions, ICC profiles, Image files, scripts and complete supplements to the book.

ICC PROFILES (TO OBTAIN GAMMA OF 1)      CREDIT for CIE files: Timo Autiokari: http://www.aim-dtp.net/aim/

For obtaining a gamma of 1 from RGB Color files.

For obtaining a gamma of 1 from Grayscale files.

Windows XP: Place file in C:Windows\System32\Spool\Drivers\Color

Mac OS10: Library>ColorSync>Profiles.


In Photoshop, in RGB entry in the Color Settings dialog box, select CIE 1931 D65 from drop down list.  In the Gray entry, select CIE 1931 Gray.



sGray.icm (follow directions above to load)
Stereology Probes Open stereology probes and use the Transform function (Edit>Transform>Scale) on the probe layer while holding down the Shift key (to maintain aspect ratio). Fit probes to desired dimensions. Stereology.zip
Quantitation sample images Use these to practice quantitation and segmentation procedures. Sample_images.zip
Grayscale bar meant for colorizing when making a color bar. Include grayscale bar with psuedocolored images so that any adjustment to the image is shown in the grayscale gradient.  The gradient is 0 - 255 (8-bit) tonal levels, each occupying 10 pixels of width, with gray level 1 and 3 not included (Photoshop glitch). Gradient_0-255.zip
Periodically spaced dots to test output resolution settings with inkjet printers. Print images so that dot spacing can be visually examined.  Banding and other image flaws can be easily detected.  Print at various output resolutions to test results.  See http://www.rags-int-inc.com/PhotoTechStuff/Epson2200/ for more information.



Symbols: a selection of various symbols used in science. Drag desired symbol from the appropriate layer.  Three resolutions of each symbol can be chosen.  Symbols include asterisks, open arrowheads, closed arrowheads, etc. Symbols.zip
Image size increase or decrease in 10% increments.

Place Scripts into Windows XP: C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CS3\Presets\Scripts directory.

Mac OS10: On a MAC the path would be:
Applications> Photoshop (CS or CS2 or CS3)> Presets> Scripts.



Use a filter on all layers Filter_all_visible_layers.zip

CREDIT for Filter All Visible Layers script: Timo Autiokari: http://www.aim-dtp.net/aim/

CREDIT for Resampling and Make Figure scripts: Maxime Leveau


For a single PDF file with all supplements described

in the “Scientific Imaging with Photoshop” book:                                                             All_Supplements.zip 13 megabyte file