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Image Integrity
Preven saving over images, create history log, apply metadata

Description: This extension (add-on) to Photoshop versions CS2 and more recent works in the background to ensure that you:
  bullet Preserve original images
  bullet Log all corrections to images as a text file and in metadata of images
  bullet Include info to image metadata
  bullet Keep Color Settings at settings appropriate to microscopy

Be Pro-Active about Image Integrity so that you can operate according to best practices, rather than find out that a journal will not publish your manuscript because the original is lost, or questions arise about post-processing methods.

Note (a bug): If you open several images at once, this add-on may not duplicate each one to preserve the original. Too many images opened at once causes the duplicate command to possibly skip one or more.


history log

When Photoshop opens you are prompted to set History Log so that corrections to images can be logged.

history log save

You will click on the Choose button to save your log to a text file.

color settings for science and microscopes

In the background, without your awareness, the Color Settings are re-set to appropriate settings for microscope images. Most importantly, the Gray working space is set to sGray to preserve tones when images are converted to gray from indexed color or RGB color.

file info prompt

When an image is opened, you will see this prompt.

file info box photoshop

If you clicked "Yes" to the previous prompt, you will be able to fill in your name and other information in the Description area. This information stays in the metadata of the image, unless it is saved as a JPEG.

copy in filename

The image will open and then it will be automatically duplicated, and then the copy will remain open. The word "copy" will be in the filename to differentiate it from the original.