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Auto Layout

Make figures + lettering
(for experienced users)
Auto Layout +
Auto Post Layout
Make figures + lettering
Add symbols, inserts, etc
Auto Layout +
Auto Post Layout +
Image Integrity
Make figures + lettering
Add symbols, inserts, etc
Log steps, etc (see more)

Save Time: Spend minutes laying out figures/plates

Add Symbols: Arrows, Scale Bars, Inserts, Boxes

Description: The Auto-Layout plug-in (add-on) to Photoshop versions CS2 and more recent automatically arranges any number of images and graphs/drawings into a lettered figure or plate. You can specify the rows and columns. The layout works even when images and graphics are at different sizes and aspect ratios: the width or height is "fitted," whichever is greater.

Other functions are also included:

  checkmark Letters outlined in white or black
  checkmark Letters changed in placement at desired corners of figure
  checkmark Inserts created at desired positions
  checkmark Symbols added, such as arrows, circles, squares, etc.
  checkmark Symbols duplicated and re-sized
  checkmark Scale bars added at specified sizes and positions
  checkmark Resolution changed correctly

   Auto-Layout box

1. Specify the number of columns and rows
2. If necessary, set the white space pixel width between the panels (Gutter)

3. Select color of Lettering
4. If necessary, re-set the Text Size.
5. Click the "Create the Panel" button


  second panel

6. Select folder that contains all images for a figure/plate

  figure layed out

  Your Figure/Plate is complete in moments!

  If lettering is too large/small, close image & repeat with different font size