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Fluorescence Correct: Color Brightfield Correct: Grayscale Correct:
Try fluorescence correct Try fluorescence correct Try fluorescence correct

Description: Auto-Correct Plug-ins (add-ons) to Photoshop address the need to apply best practices when post-processing images in Photoshop (versions CS2 and greater). This plug-in provides a pro-active means to be sure you and your staff follow accepted procedures.

These methods do not obscure, hide or "doctor" images when guidance is followed. Adjustments to images are kept on separate layers so that these can be reviewed. The same adjustments can be applied to other images and to the controls. All adjustments are to the entire image.

When following prompts, you can be sure that:

bullet poiint You are limited to "safe" tools in Photoshop
bullet poiint Originals will not be saved over
bullet poiint A text file is kept of corrections, and layers indicate what was done

Auto-Correct Categories:

bullet poiint Fluorescence
bullet poiint Color Brightfield
bullet poiint Grayscale (EM, etc.)

 1. Record History Log (Audit Trail) after opening Photoshop.
  history log dialog box image for Image Integrity Plug-in to Photoshop

 2. Select from automated steps (or edit without  using Auto-Correction methods).
  Image Integrity Plug-in to Photoshop dialog box with choices for automated functions, and a picture of the fold out flyer that comes with the software.

 3. Follow Instructions when steps are interactive: any adjustment to the image is then retained on its own layer.*  What was adjusted on the image can be reviewed and changed or eliminated later.
  Message dialog box and layers palette in the Image Integrity Plug-in Software


Apply what was adjusted on one image to others.

 5. Print out History Log for session when done. Sign and date when complying with  Quality System Requirements.


 fluorescence image of Purkinje cells from 3 channels on a confocal microscope. Microscopy Images: Fluorescent Samples
 TEM photomicrograph of polar bear hair cross section, X-Ray photo of hand, CT scan of skull and brain, Nissl stained mouse brain. blank Grayscale Images: EM, SEM, AFM, X-Ray, CT, MRI, etc.
 color brightfield image stained with H & E (hematoxylin and eosin) Color Brightfield Images, Brightfield Microscopy, Pathology.

  projector image   poster for scientific conference   grants reports for NIH or NSF   rgb to cmyk for publication of fluorescent images with fluorophores in the red and green emissions channels.  
  Projection   Posters  



*Fluorescent, Color Brightfield and Grayscale Functions limited to each category.

 12- to 16-bits
 Index color to RGB
 Indexed Gray to Grayscale
 Custom Colors to Grays

Apply to Directory (12-to16-bits)
Apply to Directory (Indexed Color)
Apply to Directory (Custom Color to Gray)


 AVI to Max
 AVI to Min
 AVI to Mean
 AVI to Median

AVI to Range
AVI to Sum
Multiple Files to Z-project


 Remove Outliers (Hot Pixels)
 Average Images
 Median Filter
 Image Size method -25%
 Image Size method -50%
 Image Size method +200%
 Surface Blur
 Apply to Directory – Median
 Apply to Directory – Hot Pixel  Removal

Apply to Directory - -25% Image Size Method
Apply to Directory - -50% Image Size Method
Apply to Directory- +200% Image Size Method
Apply to Directory- Color Noise and Fringing
Apply to Directory- Surface Blur


 Bright Center
 Broad Uneven Correction
 Custom Uneven Correction
 Narrow Uneven Correction
 Use Saved Flatfield Image –  Fluorescence
 Use Saved Flatfield Image (color  brightfield)
 DIC Phase Uneven Correct

Video De-Interlace
Save as Photoshop
Apply to Directory – Vignette Correction
Apply to Directory – broad uneven
Apply to Directory – Narrow Uneven
Apply to Directory – custom uneven

Apply to Directory – DIC Phase

 Reduce Number of Colors
 Reduce Number of Grays
 Colocalize R+G
 (1of2)Add Channel to R+G
 (2of2)Add Channel to R+G
 Measure Colocalize Components
 Measure Colocalized Layer
 Equalize – Apply to Directory

Decolorize Blue, Cyan, Violet
Decolorize Red, Magenta, Orange
Decolorize Geen, Yellow, Grn-Blue
Apply to Directory - Decolorize Green
Apply to Directory - Decolorize Blue
Apply to Directory - Decolorize Red
Adjust MIdtones (Gamma)
Apply to Directory – Gamma


 (1of2)Correct Blue Channel
 (2of2) Correct Related “blue”
 (1of2) Correct Green
 (2of2) Correct Related “green”
 (1of2) Correct Red
 (2of2) Correct Related “red”
 (1of2) Correct Single Channel
 (2of2) Correct Related Single Channel
 Colorize Blue
 Colorize Green
 Colorize Red
 Colorize Cyan
 Colorize Magenta
 Colorize Yellow
 Colorize Violet
 Colorize Grn-Yellow
 Colorize Red-blue
 Colorize Aqua
 Colorize Green-Blue
 Colorize Orange
 Apply to Directory - (2of2) Correct  Related “blue”
 Apply to Directory - (2of2) Correct  Related “green”
 Apply to Directory- (2of2) Correct  Related “red”
 Apply to Directory- Correct Related  Single Channel
 Apply to Directory- Colorize Blue
 Apply to Directory- Colorize Green

Apply to Directory- Colorize Red
Apply to Directory- Colorize Cyan
Apply to Directory- Colorize Blue
Simple Merge 2
Simple Merge 3
Simple Merge 4
Simple Merge 5
(1of2) Merge R+G
(2of2) Normalize Related R+G
(2of2) Apply Related R+G
(1of2) Merge B+G
(2of2) Normalize Related B+G
(2of2) Apply Related B+G
(1of2) Merge B+R
(2of2) Normalize Related B+R
(2of2) Apply Related B+R
(1of2) Merge B+R+G
(2of2) Normalize Related B+R+G
(2of2) Apply Related B+R+G
(1of2) Merge 4
(2of2) Normalize Related Merge 4
(2of2) Apply related Merge 4
(1of2) Merge 5
(2of2) Normalize Related Merge 5
(2of2) Apply Related Merge 5
Add DIC to Merged


 (1of2) Correct Grayscale
 (2of2) Normalize-Sharpen Related
 (2of2) Auto-Correct Related
 (2of2) Apply to Related for Directory

(1of2) Match Tones
(2of2) Correct-Sharpen Match Tones
(2of2) Match Tones for Directory
Recover Image Info Box


 (1of2) All-in-1 Correct color
 (2of2) Normalize Related Images
 (2of2) Normalize-Sharpen Related
 (2of2) Auto Correct Related Images
 (2of2) Apply to Directory   

(1of2) Match Tones (Color Brightfield)
(2of2) Match Tones to Related
(2of2) Correct-Sharpen Match Tones
(2of2) Apply to Directory


 Black Scale Bar
 Outline in White
 White Scale Bar
 Outline in Black
 Crop 1 image
 (1of2) Crop > 1 image
 (2of2) Apply Crop to images
 Rotate 180 Degrees
 Arbitrary Rotate
 Flip Horizontal
 Flip Vertical
 Rotate 90 clockwise
 Rotate 90 Counter-clockwise

Labeling Add Arrows etc.
Labeling to White
Labeling Outline White
Labeling Outline Black
ReScale (ReSize)
Duplicate Layer
Save for poster Half-Page Width
Save for Poster Full-Page Width
Poster Correct Blue-Purple
Fluorescence Blue-to-Cyan
Poster Resolution/Size – Manual
Save for Word, PDF