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The Scientific Imaging Home: image integrity, acquistion, post-processing, quantization



checkmark Adds Lettering
Any Number of panels
checkmark Auto-Fits graphs, drawings
checkmark Allows for changes to color, size of letters
checkmark Optimizes for Powerpoint & publication

 pic of 4-panel figure 
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Image Integrity

checkmark Prevents saving over original images
checkmark Allows users to include info to image metadata
checkmark Prompts for logging of steps to text file & to image metadata
checkmark Sets Color Settings to defaults

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Auto-Grayscale (EM)
Auto-Color Brightfield

checkmark Automated Imaging Correction Steps for 3 Microscopy Categories:
  Color Brightfield   EM/Grayscale
  Fluorescent Dyes
checkmark Apply the same steps to related images
checkmark Prevent saving over original (raw) images
checkmark Correct for:
Bit Depth, Uneven Illumination, Noise, Color, Contrast, Merging, Outputs, Cropping, etc.

Keep changes on layers as a way to track.

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Canon Camera on Microscope

bullet Highest Resolution & Chip Dimensions
bullet Easy Software Interface
bullet Take Timed Images
bullet Take Movies
bullet Inexpensive and better than the competition

 Canon camera and scientific camera images side by side

Monitor Calibration

bullet See all tones in your image
bullet See correct brightfield colors
bullet Conform several monitors to each other
bullet Match color and tone to prints

 Spyder calibration tool
Calibration & Archiving

bullet Archive to DVD/CDs with longer life
bullet Calibrate to fluorescent reference standards

Use NIST rated step wedges when imaging gels, blots, etc.

    Stouffer step wedges
On-Site Courses

checkmark For groups up to 25 members
checkmark Image Analysis using Photoshop and Image J taught
checkmark Post-Processing and Image Integrity taught in Photoshop, Illustrator, Image J, GIMP

Customized to what attendees would like to learn

checkmark Classes generally run from 2- to 4-days
Image Integrity

checkmark Find out which images are "hands-off"
checkmark Determine which images need to be re-acquired (re-taken)
checkmark Identify which mistakes made in imaging cannot be remedied
checkmark Review post-processing corrections that may be appropriate
checkmark Make decisions based upon intent of your image(s)
Photoshop for Science & Microscopy

checkmark Learn at Your Own Pace
checkmark Go Back to Where You Left Off
checkmark Buy a DVD or watch videos online

Learn about Setting up Photoshop, Opening Problem Images (10-, 12-, 14-bit images; Indexed Color), Opening Image Stacks, DeNoising, Correcting Tone and Uneven Illumination, Merging, Colocalization, Colorizing, DeColorizing,
Adding Scale Bars, Cropping, RGB to CMYK, Making Figures/Plates, etc.

Fluorescence Imaging Expert
Microscopy and Macroscopy (Stereo Microscope) expert
Confocal, multiphoton imaging
Imaging done for Densitometry purposes
Design of imaging systems
Glare-free, shadow-free, difficult to light objects: glass, plastic, detritus on surfaces

Post-Processing (Images, Movies, Graphs, etc)

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Quantitation (Image Analysis, Machine Vision, etc)


Manufacturing data for stents: Picks Per Inch
RGB to CMYK Conversion for Problem Images   Routines written to automate measurement
Powerpoint, Excel, Word to publish-able image   Manufacturing data for tubes: Concentricity
Graphs, Line Drawings to High Resolution   Clustering, Distribution, Particle Counting/Sizing
Movies formatted right   Stereology
Images optimized for automated/interactive measurement
  Morphometry (Surface Area, Counts, Lengths, etc)

   References for Post-Processing Protocols & Microscopy
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