We solve imaging/photography and assay issues:

Stent image with reflections After removing glare
We remove
glare, speckle and bright spots

Images of stent

Before reflection image of mirrored surface After changing illumination on mirrored surface
We remove
reflections and hot spots

Images of mirrored surface

video of segmenting routine
analysis, computer-aided quantification, quantization

Example project showing automation
of artery/vein ratios in retina

human body sprayed with phosphorescence
develop imaging systems for low signal fluorescence or

Image of human body with phosphor/fluorescent

catheter tube before where it's hard to make out Colorized catheter tube after polarization
We use
methods to image impossible to photograph samples, materials,

Images of catheter tube showing
gel (on right)

Color calibrated copper strips
We create
color calibrations for previously uncalibrated material

Images of copper strips calibrated
to ANSI standards


Our lab can be ISO and FDA qualified upon request