We have been in business since 1999 and worked with companies large and small. Much of the past solutions have been accomplished by our owner, Jerry (Gerald) Sedgewick, who has a 30+ year background as a commercial photographer, scientist, author of two books & numerous articles, optics engineer, image integrity expert, color calibration expert and inventor (four patents currently in process). We are here to solve your imaging and scientific issues.


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Jerry (Gerald) Sedgewick, Imaging and Optics Consultant

Image analysis and imaging instrumentation consultant providing methods and services for Life Sciences and Quality Control. Color calibration expert developing new standards. Scientific photographer producing high impact images, glare free solutions, and lighting for difficult to image materials and objects. Provided four patents for proteomics instrument along with illumination, optics and camera solutions at a fraction of typical price for company that won the innovation of the year for 2017. Skills include:

Illumination in UV to IR
Color Calibration
Image Analysis
Fluorescence, Phosphorescence, Polarization

Areas: Ophthalmology, Proteomics, Genomics, Microscopy, Micro-Array Scanners, Cameras, Color, Quantification. See also non-profit work at prevailnews.org.

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Paul Marker, Scientific Advisor and Consultant

Leveraging broad experiences as a scientist, engineer, manager and director allows for the production of numerous innovative successful projects. The results seen are substantial increase in profits with excellent customer response reinforced with repeat business and new business leads from these clients. For Medtox generated 1.8M USD in new revenues within six months. Skills include:

Flow Cytometry
Assay Development
30+ Years Bench Work
FDA Regulatory Procedures
Advanced Statistical Analysis

Areas: Stem Cells, Diabetes, Blood, Lymphoma, Leukemia, Immuno-Phenotyping, Epitopes, Inflammation, Heart.

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